Karima: Overlook's shield is finished, and I would very much like your help testing it. Head to the Hyperion outpost nearby and get to the mortar cannon on the launchpad.

(Mission objectives update: Head to Hyperion mortar)

Dave: Hey Karima -- you know what's even better than havin' a working shield? NOT being a woman! Hahahahaha!

Karima: Oh my god, shut up, Dave.

(Vault Hunter heads over to Aggregate Acquistion plant, deals with the enemies along the way, and reaches the mortar.)

Dave: Who's that skag-suckin' MORON up by that cannon?!

(Mission objectives update: Activate mortar)

Karima: Please ignore Dave and aim the cannon fifty-five degrees portbound, eighty-six degrees skyloft. We'll need Overlook to sustain a direct hit from the mortar to test the shield.

(Vault Hunter activates the mortar.)

(Mission objectives update: Aim mortar at Overlook)

(Vault Hunter aims the mortar.)

Karima: Now, fire the cannon.

(Mission objectives update: fire mortar)

(Vault Hunter fires the mortar.)

Dave: Karima, don't feel bad Jack fed yer husband to the grinder. Well, I'll bed ya, if ya asked nicely! Ahahahahahaha!

(Mortar fires, hits and blows Dave's shack clear off the cliff and into abyss.)


Karima: Now, let's try that with the shield on.

(Instead of Now as subitled, Karima actually says Well)

(Mission objectives update: Aim mortar)

(Vault Hunter aims the mortar.)

Karima: Please fire the cannon again.

(Mission objectives update: fire mortar again)

(Vault Hunter fires the mortar. The Overlook gets a direct hit but was protected by the shield.)

Karima: Most efficient! The shield works, Overlook is safe, and... no Dave! This is truly a happy day. Return to me at your earliest convenience.

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter returns to Karima and turns in the mission.)

Karima: You know my favorite thing about Dave? He's dead.

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