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The Pretty Good Train Robbery is an optional mission in Borderlands 2. A train full of cash payments for eridium will arrive at Ripoff Station when called, and it's up to the Vault Hunters to derail Hyperion's eridium shipments from the area, finishing up with a pretty good train robbery.



  • Get Tiny Tina's dynamite: 0/4
  • Dislodge gate
  • Radio Hyperion for drop-off
  • Blow up safes: 0/3


Tiny Tina offers the mission and presents four sets of explosives for collection. These are then taken to Ripoff Station where one is first used to dislodge a gate, thus preventing a train from leaving the station. The next step is to call in the train from a switch on the platform, and once this arrives it will be stuck there for the duration.

With the train stuck at the station the remaining explosives can be affixed to three money containers on the side of the train. When all three have been placed a timed detonation will take place, spilling a large quantity of money onto the platform. In response to this aggression, several autocannon turrets will be digistructed from the roofs of the carriages. These are easy to take cover from, although they can be hazardous for any unwary robbers still lingering on the platform.


"Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?"

Turn In: Tiny Tina


  • When the dynamite is collected, no trains will make routine passes through the station.
  • Mission Item: Tiny Tina's Dynamite - "This makes things go BOOM!"



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