Tiny Tina: Lilith told me there's a train full'a money comes around here. Sounds like a job for high explosives, am I right? Am I right? Yeah? Whatever. I got some boomers in the back. Get 'em.

(Vault Hunter picks up 4 packs of Tiny Tina's dynamite.)

Lilith: Those miners you fought earlier were paid cash in exchange for Eridium. Get to the station where their payroll train comes in, and we'll have ourselves a good old fashioned train robbery."

(Vault Hunter heads over to the Ripoff Station.)

Lilith: Bandits used this station to rob passing trains -- you're gonna have to use it to steal the bandits' payroll. Gotta love the irony. Use Tina's dynamite to blast the exit gate and block the tracks.

(Vault Hunter eliminates all bandits at the station and places explosives to the exit gate generator. Explosives go off lowering the exit gate.)

Lilith: Good -- that'll leave the train nowhere to go. Now all you gotta do is signal Hyperion and make like you're ready to sell some Eridium."

(Vault Hunter uses the radio o call for a drop-off.)

Hyperion: Trade request received. Payroll train dispatched.

(Train rolls into the station.)

Lilith: Great job, the train is trapped."

Hyperion: Exposing cash vaults. Please load Eridium shipment onto the train.

Lilith: Better idea -- put the rest of Tina's explosives on those safes and watch the fireworks.

(Vault Hunter does as requested by Lilith ... explosives going off, money raining down from the safes.)


Lilith: That was awesome.

Hyperion: Conductor distress signal received. Dispatching troops to payroll train #627.

Lilith: Get back to Tina whenever you're done dealing with those Hyperion reinforcements, killer. Good job all around.

(Vault Hunter destroys the auto-cannons, picks up the cash, and returns to Tiny Tina's workshop.)

Tiny Tina: When you made it rain I was like DAAAAAMN!

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