Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Coobie Gorge

Dreg Scrapyard

Dreg Scrapyard is cluttered with derelict cars, buses, and various other pieces of junk. The area has become home to a number of spiderants, and it also the hiding place for Captain Blade's Otto Idol.

Herbert's Hideout

Maroonie's Clipper

Rusty Cog Settlement

Titleman's Point

The area of Titleman's Point is relatively small and dominated by a boat dangling perilously over the Rustyards' deep chasm. There is little of note on the vessel, however a story mission objective for Crazy About You can be found just aft of the cabin and a squeezable Scarlett doll for the My Main Squeeze challenge is propped against the cabin on the foredeck.


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