(Accept mission)

Pickle: That looks like an old Drakensburg data device! That's well juicy! Not that I'm monitoring your activities or nothin'.

Pickle: Find a console to plug it into. Maybe it'll tell us somethin' interestin'!

(Plug device into console)

Pickle: Cor! Looks like someone snuck a secret room into the Drakensburg, and it's marked on this map! Wonder if anyone else found it. Uploading the coordinates to your ECHO!

(Press door button)

DAHL Systems: Voice identification please.

  • Athena (if present): Figures.
  • Wilhelm (if present): Damn.
  • Nisha (if present): Great.
  • Claptrap (if present): Uhh, a fellow robot?
  • Jack2 (if present): Uhhh... a handsome guy?
  • Aurelia (if present): Hello!

DAHL Systems: Captain Zarpedon voice identification failed.

Pickle: Zarpedon, eh? She used to command the Drakensburg back in the day. If you can find some recordings of 'er voice, I reckon we could jimmy the lock, so to speak.

(1st ECHO)

Zarpedon (on ECHO): As captain of this ship you all know I am not one to brook complacency, but I want all hands to know attending Private Harding's birthday celebration will not be mandatory. Though there will be cake. Very nice chocolate cake. That is all.

(2nd ECHO)

Zarpedon (on ECHO): Attention crew: the Drakensburg's instruments are picking up infrequent energy pulses, which appear to emanate from inside Elpis. Our best men are examining the readings, though until further notice, I want all hands to attend weekly medical checkups. That's an order.

(3rd ECHO)

Zarpedon (on ECHO): All hands, be advised, while naming our new mascot "Zarpedon" would naturally be a wonderful act of kindness, it's also against regs. Please choose another. That is all.

(After collecting the third ECHO)

Pickle: Brill! Get back to that stubborn door! I'll work on a bit of sound magic.

(Approaching the door)

Pickle: Nice work! Let's see if yer Uncle Pickle's got what it takes. Give the door a try.

(Pressing the door button)

Zarpedon (on ECHO, choppy inflection): Attention, I am Zarpedon, captain of the Drakensburg.

DAHL Systems: Welcome, Captain Zarpedon.

Pickle: Ha! I've still got it!

(Final ECHO)

Zarpedon (on ECHO): Zarpedon's personal log. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to the Drakensburg and her crew, but a promotion's a promotion, even if it is, thankfully, only for a year. I'm looking forward to taking the reins of the local Dahl fleet, but I'm unsure if Captain Rankus is truly ready to command this ship. I've moved most of my belongings to my new command carrier, but my private armory is going to have to wait until I'm properly settled in. General Higgins assures me my extra pay will cover Brittania's new medical treatments. I miss her terribly, but when this tour is over I'll be home for good. Finally.

Pickle: Nice work! When you're ready, come back to me and drop off those ECHOs. I bet they're worth a fortune to the right buyer. You keep whatever else you find in there, I'm sorted.

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