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The Stare
Character Gaige
Tier Two
Maximum Points One
Skill Tree Little Big Trouble
Minimum Level Eleven
Effect Deathtrap Ability. Deathtrap fires a laser beam and sweeps it across the battlefield, dealing Burn Damage and possibly Igniting enemies.
Game Borderlands 2

The Stare is a Tier 2 Action Skill Upgrade in Gaige's Little Big Trouble skill tree, which gives Deathtrap the ability to shoot a powerful heat-beam from his eye.


Every so often, Deathtrap will pause, and fire the beam, deals constant fire elemental damage to a single enemy; additionally, this beam can pass through solid objects and thus will never miss once it has started.


  • Despite the description, Deathtrap actually only targets a single enemy with the beam rather than sweeping across the field.
  • With investments in both Buck Up and The Stare, Deathtrap will also attack Gaige with The Stare. The Stare won't do any damage to Gaige, but Deathtrap will also waste time while executing this move.
  • Neither Badass elemental damage bonuses nor Evil Enchantress will increase the heat beam's inflicted damage.


  • The skill's name, like several others in Gaige's repertoire, is a reference to the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. One of the series' main characters (Fluttershy) possesses an accusing gaze that can paralyze creatures with fear.
  • The Next Level description, 451 degrees of more fire, alludes to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
  • Taking this skill adds a pair of large three-finned projections or wings to Deathtrap's back.
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