The Traveler is one of the Vault guardians protecting the Vault of the Traveler and appears in the Tales from the Borderlands as a final confrontation of the game. It has the power to teleport and his vault is teleporting with him, traveling the universe. It would be impossible to find the vault if not for Gortis Project of Atlas corporation, developing a beacon to bind it.


The Traveler is first seen after destruction of Helios fighting Gortis. Fiona is later forced to destroy Gortis, as she is a beacon that anchors the Vault of the Traveler to her, because The Traveler seems to be too strong to be defeated. Few years later, Rhys' Loader Bot brings the old party together to revive Gortis and defeat The Traveler to save her. The creature is summond and Fiona and Rhys alongside their comrades defeat it and gain acces to the vault.