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The Underdome
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The Underdome
Region Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot
Downloadable content Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

The Underdome is the hub for the coliseums in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. This area is accessed via the Fast Travel Network. The building is a large structure which resembles a cross between a warehouse/ factory and a movie theatre. Much of the Underdome appears to be in an extreme state of dissrepair.


The Underdome has many useful features as a sandbox for Borderlands. Since experience is not gained directly from killing enemies (Completing battle challenges via arena combat will still award experience for that challenge.), it creates a unique situation in the game where one can battle to test new weaponry and armor without the fear of leveling beyond the point where the new loot in question would be made obsolete. Though enemies drop neither loot or money, at the end of every round Moxxi drops a random assortment of gear at the base of her tower, all tailored to the level of the host.

The Underdome's gameplay also differs from the norm with its gameshow atmosphere. Players are put through a series of rounds in which all the enemies must be killed to advance. Each round consists of five waves:

  1. Starter Wave: Players must fight average enemies, no Badass units appear this round.
  2. Gun Wave: Players must fight enemies that use guns. This includes Badass units on occasion as well as Crimson Lance soldiers.
  3. Horde Wave: Players must fight Psychos and Burning Psychos. Badasses and Midgets will also appear.
  4. Badass Wave: Players must fight Badass units, as well as above average strength units such as Eridian Guardians, Crimson Lance soldiers, and other powerful units seen throughout the game.
  5. Boss Wave. A randomly chosen boss (with the exception of Krom and the Vault Destroyer) from the original game as well as a few mini bosses must be killed, as well as the typical assortment of bandits and Crimson Lance.

As each new round begins the enemies get stronger, increasing their health, shield strength and damage. In later rounds players will also notice more enemies spawn, often in mid-wave. Lastly Moxxi's rules will further change the way of the game. Starting on wave 2 she will implement one rule, on round 5 she will enact a second, round 10 she makes a third rule and finally starting round 15, a player will have to deal with four rules at once. One rule is randomly changed each wave, and some rules wont appear if a contradicting rule is in play (SMG Challenge won't appear if Rocket Launcher Challenge is already in effect, Body Shot won't appear if Headshot is in effect etc.) but many combinations will prove both helpful or downright cruel. As difficult as these waves can be players do not want to fail them. If a player is playing with multiple people, a killed character will appear in the penalty box on the top of Moxxi's tower, where they can shoot at enemies, but they cannot leave. If the whole team enters the penalty box the round ends, the team is forced to repeat not only the round they are playing, but as many as two rounds before it!


Notable Friendlies

  • Bank Claptrap

Notable Enemies

  • Former Bosses

Points of Interest





  • With the release of the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, The Underdome was given a physical address: it is in the Deep Fathoms, near another one of Moxxi's establishments: Moxxi's Red Light.
  • Its name is based on the location "The Thunderdome" in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
  • If one looks to the right of the bankers booth, there is a bandit stuck in a barrel. Another bandit can be seen to the left of the vending machines.
  • Sometime after the events of Borderlands, Hyperion destroyed the Underdome after Handsome Jack thought that Moxxi was cheating on him.



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