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The Winged Storm
The Winged Storm Map
The Winged Storm
Fast Travel Lair of Infinite Agony
Connections Lair of Infinite Agony
Game Borderlands 2
Downloadable content Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

The Winged Storm is a location within the Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest


  • Upon entering The Winged Storm, the way back to the Lair of Infinite Agony is sealed unless all players are near the exit. Maniacal laughter from Tiny Tina will be heard if the party leaves.
  • All three varieties of common vending machines, a Quick Change Station, and the only New-U Station on the map are available at the entrance.
  • Once the fight with the Dragons has started, the way from entrance to the Arena will seal, preventing the players who are out from rejoining or interefering the fight. The way will reopen when all the dragons or players are out. 

The Arena

  • Beyond the linear path from the vending machines is a steep dropoff, preventing return, into the dragons' arena. A large obelisk stands in the center; at its base, the scroll used to summon the Dragons. After doing so, the obelisk sinks beneath the surface and a small flame replaces it.
  • Once the Dragons are defeated, the loot will burst out of the center and scatter across the Arena.

The Ruins

  • Upon defeating the Dragons, a bridge appears, leading to a ruined city. The first area is full of Mimics. 59 Dice Chests litter the ruins beyond them.


  • This area can only be accessed after accepting the mission Raiders of the Last Boss from Mr. Torgue in Flamerock Refuge.
  • Similar to Terramorphous Peak, after turning in the mission, player can fight the dragons again without repaying the entrance fee by leaving and returning the game.
  • Mimic area can be accessed without killing the dragons by jumping on rocks next to bridge that leads to circle with dice chests.
  • A fight between a giant Mimic and a giant Golem can sometimes be seen in the background. This is easily identified by the sounds of battle and the screen shaking. The fight triggers 3 Dice chests to appear on the south most edge of the south-west tower.[1]. This fight is a random occurrence, there is no triggering mechanism.
  • It takes 295 Eridium to open all of the dice chests with 2 dice in this area. Vault Hunters will only receive 70-80 Eridum by defeating the Dragons and the Mimics, thus a good tactic is to have a second player save before using their Eridium, open as many chests as possible without looting them, and then exit without saving. Repeating this process will allow all of the chests to be opened with 2 dice, making better loot more likely.

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