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These are the Bots is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It involves escorting two robots through hostile territory to deliver an important message.



  • Follow bots
  • Protect bots
  • Follow bots
  • Protect bots
  • Follow bots
  • Protect bots
  • Follow bots
  • Deliver message


ICU-P and RT-FC lead the way through Vorago Solitude and into encounters with several Lost Legion groups. Each time they come close to an enemy position they collapse to the ground and cower until the enemies have been killed off. They never actually come under fire themselves - they simply leave the fighting to others and lie low until it ends.

Eventually the pair reach their destination: a man by the name of Toby Van Adobe, to whom they must deliver a message.


"Tobe Van Adobe used to be addicted to soap. He's clean now."

Turn In: Tobe Van Adobe

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  • The characters and reward for this mission are all references to Star Wars.

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