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Thirsty the Midget is a midget located in the Sunken Sea. He can be found in a shack under a Hyperion billboard in the lower right hand side of the map. The location of the shack is marked on the map by a dollar sign showing the Ammo Vendor adjacent to his shack.


Thirsty the Midget offers the mission that unlocks Motorhead's garage. This also grants access to Dumpster Diver.



  • Unlike most NPCs, blood spews from his body when shot.
  • Thirsty the Midget is an unusual ally in that he bears the physical appearance of a Mutant Midget Psycho, a unit type otherwise presented as enemies rather than allies.
  • His name could be a reference to Thirsty Grunt in the game Halo Combat Evolved.


Just above his shack and behind the billboard lies a Red Weapon Chest.

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