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(Accepting mission)

Mordecai: You been listening to those Hyperion newscasts that say you're killing kids and kicking puppies? I found the guy who's recording 'em - he's in the Arid Nexus. Pay him a visit and set the record straight.

(Riding the elevator to the radio station platform)

Hunter Helquist: This just in, Pandora - The bandit scum that killed Jack's daughter has just set the New Haven orphanage ablaze, and-

(Helquist spots a Vault Hunter)

Hunter Helquist: It's you! Die, bandit scum!

Hyperion Official: Reinforcements requested at Hyperion Truth Network. Deploying.

(Quotes during combat)

  • You can't stop the truth!

(Turning mission in)

Mordecai: Good on you. Things should be a lot easier for us without that windbag spouting lies about us.

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