The Three Horns - Divide is an area in Borderlands 2. It is the location that initially connects to the town of Sanctuary.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

The Drydocks

The Drydocks is a bandit-infested landlocked marina in the western portion of the Divide. It is accessed via a single gate in its south end and has a red weapons chest on a high elevation in the north end. Psychos and nomads are in plentiful supply here.

Fishguts Outpost

A bandit outpost of the Bloodshot Gang, Fishguts Outpost is a coastal fishing port near the ferry to Southern Shelf. There is a Catch-A-Ride just outside the encampment and a broken bridge with a missing central span just outside that.

Snowbound Crossroads


The Marrowfield is the rocky stomping grounds of the local bullymongs. It is an area where Reiss is rescued from three attackers. It is also one of the two spawn points for Savage Lee. The other is near the Fast Travel Station.

Windbreak Camp

WindBreak Camp is a bandit camp in the south-west corner of the Divide, where the Bloodshot Gang is holding some power cores needed to access Sanctuary. There is a single entrance to the area at its eastern end and a number of lootable crates packed around various structures.

Thirty Below