Three Horns - Valley is an area in Borderlands 2.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Bloodshot Slums

The Bloodshot Slums are a fortified collection of buildings protecting the gate into the Bloodshot Stronghold. The area has a small contingent of bandits to guard it, including the mini-boss Bad Maw. A weapons chest concealed from the middle of the camp is visible to those who skirt around the edge and look in through the cliffside fence. The Bloodshot Slums are inaccessible until a Bandit Technical is used to open the outer gate.

Happy Pig Motel

The Happy Pig Motel provides a main transit hub for Three Horns - Valley, and contains vending machines, a bounty board, a Catch-A-Ride and a Fast Travel station. Since the steam generator that powers this area was destroyed, none of these items are available until the mission No Vacancy is complete.

Shock Fossil Cavern

Shock Fossil Cavern is a cavern reached by a tunnel passing through the rocky hill near the Happy Pig motel. A third tunnel branch opens out high above the ground outside and is home to Doc Mercy.

Split Skull Bay

The Bay is home to a group of bandits and is the location for the Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags timed mission. There are a number of weapons crates and three bathrooms. It is also worth noting that there is an area to the southeast of the Bay with a camp site that is not a named area but it is required to visit this area to gain the Arctic Explorer achievement.

The Frostsprings



  • The Fast Travel machine at the Happy Pig motel can be used when travelling to Three Horns - Valley, even if No Vacancy has not been completed, however it cannot be used to leave until the mission is complete.