Thrill Seeker is a challenge in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


The challenge is available at any time on the Veins of Helios map and requires the use of eleven blue jump pads scattered around the level. These can be grouped into three lots: the first four, of which three are easily found in the course of completing the story mission; the second four to the left of the map; and the final three to the right of the map. These latter two groups would be found when completing side missions on the map.

First Group

  1. The third platform from the initial airlock has a blue pad taking you to the far left-hand side of the map
  2. This platform has another blue pad to take you back again (although ordinarily you would drop/jump down to proceed to Central Maintenance)
  3. As you approach Central Maintenance there is a vertical jump on a blue pad
  4. The most difficult of all 11 to find (and also giving the location of a Cult of the Vault symbol) is found near the beginning of the level. There is a helper bot which is moving a big flat piece of construction material. Jump down to the flat area and use this to reach the platform with a chest and a Cult of the Vault symbol. There is a blue pad here to jump away from this spot.

Second Group

  1. After having taken the vertical jump pad you can jump straight forward to go down to Central Maintenance. Instead, jump to the building to the left (again the home of a Cult of the Vault symbol). A jump pad from here will take you to the Supply Platform
  2. There is a blue pad from the Supply Platform
  3. A second jump pad adjacent to #1 in this group will take you to the Remote Access Platform
  4. There is a blue pad from the Remote Access Platform

Third Group

  1. After jumping down to the flat area described under #1 in the second group, rather than using a jump pad to move on, jump up on the buildings there and work your way onto the top of the Central Maintenance building. Continue working to the right and you will find the first of three blue jump pads
  2. Using #1 will land you on top of #2, which takes you to the Communications Platform
  3. The final blue pad is on the Communications Platform.



  • The pads can be used in any order and over any number of sessions.

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