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Tier 2 Battle: Appetite for Destruction is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.



  • Wait for the Arena to be prepared
  • Assemble for combat
  • Kill everyone in wave one
  • Kill everyone in wave two
  • Kill everyone in wave three
  • Kill everyone in wave four
  • Survive the horde


This mission has a five-minute timer, and once again involves surviving four waves of enemies. Most of the enemies are standard bikers, but the final wave introduces Gladiator Goliaths armed with paired rocket launchers. The rockets are relatively slow and can be evaded by Vault Hunters moving at speed in the middle of the arena. Blasting the goliaths' helmets off causes them to go berserk and rush to attack everyone in the arena at melee range, but has this also eliminates the threat posed by their rocket launchers.


"You've survived the Appetite for Destruction!"

Turn In: Arena Battle Board

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