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Timber Logwood is a unique Badass Lil' Scav first encountered during the mission Treasures of ECHO Madre, at Outlands Canyon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is a friendly NPC for most of the time, though the Vault Hunters will have to battle him once during the mission Rough Love.


Timber Logwood is first encountered during the mission Treasures of ECHO Madre, coming out of a previously-unopenable outhouse in Outlands Canyon. He says a few lines to the Vault Hunters then, and is not seen again until the mission Rough Love.

In Rough Love, he is the last of Nurse Nina's suitors. He initially resists Nina's advances, which causes Nina to instruct the Vault Hunters to kill him, but she eventually relents, and the two profess their love for each other. Turning in the mission, the Vault Hunters find Timber Logwood suspended from Nina's ceiling to recuperate, and he will remain there for the rest of the game. He can be interacted with at that point for a single line of dialogue, where he thanks the Vault Hunters for their role in bringing him and Nina together.



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