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"THERE came a Soldier marching along the high road—one, two! one, two!"
Manufacturer: Bandits
Type: Pistol
Model: Tinderbox
Element: Incendiary
Game: Borderlands 2
Special Part(s): GD_Weap_Pistol.A_Weapons_Unique.
[Tinderbox Variants]

Tinderbox is a Unique Pistol manufactured by Bandit. See below for drop information.

Special Weapon Effects

Good for starting fires – Always fire elemental. Consumes 2 rounds of ammo per shot. Slightly reduced bullet damage and rate of fire. Additional +100% splash damage. Greatly increased (+12%) elemental effect chance. Projectiles travel slowly in a low parabolic arc.

Usage & Description

The Tinderbox's red text is accurate: it is good at starting fires. With its low rate of fire and eccentric fire pattern, however, it is not an effective weapon for general combat, though it serves well enough against the Bullymongs encountered immediately after Captain Flynt.

The Tinderbox's unique barrel visually resembles the Dahl pistol barrel.

Drop Info

  • Common drop from Captain Flynt.
  • If A Train to Catch is active, a Tinderbox will drop after shooting the head of the snowman located in the southern area of Tundra Express, next to the vending machines. Once it is picked up or the quest is completed, it will not appear at this location again.
  • Mission weapon for the duration of Clan War: Trailer Trashing.


  • A tinderbox is a small container containing flint, firesteel, and tinder (typically charcloth, but possibly a small quantity of dry, finely-divided fibrous matter such as straw), used together to help kindle a fire.
  • The Tinderbox's projectiles gradually drop off after traveling for a distance in the manner of sparks being struck with a flint and steel.
  • Dropped from Midge-Mong on Day 7 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt. A hotfix on that day increased the gun's magazine size.

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