(Vault Hunter accepts mission.)

Handsome Jack: Okay, look, I need your help. I know what you're thinking -- argh, trap, don't listen -- but it's about my grandmother. I built her cottage on the Eridium Blight, and... I need you to check on her. Please, make sure everything's okay. This isn't for me, it's for her. Do it for her, please.

(Mission objectives update: Go to Grandma's house, Optional: Pick flowers 0/5)

(Vault Hunter goes over to the Grandma's house picking flowers on the way. When he gets to the house, group of bandits shows up.)

Handsome Jack: Wait, wait, wait, wait -- there are BANDITS at Grandma's house? Oh, jeezus. Oh crap.

(Mission objectives update: Kill Grandmaa's attackers 0/5)

(Vault Hunter eliminates the attackers.)

Handsome Jack: Wait, y-you killed the bandits? Okay. Okay, god. God, I hope everything's okay.

(Mission objectives update: Check on Grandma)

(Vault Hunter enters the hous and finds Grandma's Buzz Axe on a blood-stained bed.)

(Mission objectives update: Pick up Grandma's buzz axe)

Handsome Jack: (sobbing) Oh. Oh, jeezus... I'm sorry... ahahahahah, thank GOD! I was so worried you'd killed those bandits before they could murder ol' gran-gran. And you know what? Now I don't even have to pay 'em! So, thanks, loser.

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

Handsome Jack: Thanks for the help, man. Uh, still gonna kill ya, though.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission.)

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