thumb|300px|Video walkthrough Collect Earl's C-Charges, then plant them and set them off.


  • C-Charge found
  • C-Charge placed
"Those bandit assholes stole my C-Charges! The explosives must be around their camp somewhere. You're gunna teach them a lesson. They want my C-Charges? Fine. We'll shove 'em up their asses and set 'em off. You steal Earl's stuff, you get blasted to hell."


If the player is interested in saving time, complete this task at the same time as the Get Off My Lawn! mission.

Crazy Earl is mad at bandits and wants retribution. Bandits stole his C-Charge, so you will kill them with it. After you get the mission, start heading deeper into the scrapyard. Immediately, 3 spiderants will emerge and attack you. Keep heading straight, passing some bandits near a weapon chest. After, you will come out to a walkway overlooking a new area. Make a long jump to reach the big chest alone on a standing platform, jump back, and head down the walkway to the revive point (just in case). From here, you have to go around the north end of this area in order to reach more bandits and the C4. If you run into skags, you are going the right way.

You will run into a barricade with a revive point on top, with a few bandits. Go on top and jump over it. Stay along the left wall of this area and in the second bandit house, in the southern tip of the scrapyard, is the C-Charge. It is located in the open warehouse type building, on a box outside. Keep moving forward and head up the ramp up onto some walkways. Take the first left you can, heading up more. Turn left again and head straight. You will pass through a house with 2 lockers outside. In the new platform you reach, there will be some bruisers. Follow the waypoint to the C-Charge plant location on the platform and get your ass out of there. It blows up. Before turning in the mission, you may wish to investigate the two red chests made accessible by the explosion. Head back to Crazy Earl for your reward.


C-Charge: Handle with care.


"Hah! Taught those bandits a lesson for sure! Looks like you got a bit singed, yourself. Oh, that's right! I had those charges and timers set for remote detonation! I could've done it from here, with the push of a button, but I totally forgot! That's friggin' hilarious!"

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