Mordecai: Vault Hunter... you're all we got left. Jack killed Roland. He killed Bloodwing. But he is NOT gonna kill Lilith. Jack still needs time to charge the Vault Key -- you just need to find out where this Warrior is buried. There's only one place on Pandora that'd have that kinda info: the Hyperion Info Stockade. Get there."

(Mission objectives update: Go to Eridium Blight)

Handsome Jack: People of Pandora... my daughter is dead. Murdered. By the Vault Hunter. So I've decided, I'm rescinding the bounty on the Vault Hunter. If you should kill that child-murdering sonofabitch before I do, I will find you. And you will regret denying me my vengeance.

(Vault Hunter enters Eridium Blight.)

Mordecai: Welcome to the Eridium Blight. Before Hyperion, this place was... heh, well, still a craphole, but it wasn't THIS bad.

(Mission objectives update: Head to Arid Nexus)

(Fighting his way through Eridium Blight, Vault Hunter arrives to the exit to Arid Nexus.)

Hyperion: Intruders detected. Locking path to Info Stockade.

Mordecai: Dammit! Jack doesn't want us getting close to him. Brick, you got a plan to get to the Stockade?

Brick: Blow stuff up, that's my plan. Vault Hunter: get to Sawtooth Cauldron.

(Mission objectives update: Find Sawtooth Cauldron)

Brick: My boys can blast open the path to the Info Stockade, but they'll need some better firepower. You're gonna steal some explosives for 'em.

(Vault Hunter enters the Sawtooth Cauldron.)

Brick: To get to where Sawtooth bandits are keepin' the bombs, you gotta go through Guano Grotto. You'll have to push through a buttload of Sawteeth, but hell -- wouldn't be any fun otherwise, right?

(Mission objectives update: Enter Smoking Guano Grotto, Ascend Inferno Tower)

Brick: My Slabs have been fightin' the Sawteeth for years. These bastards handed dozens of Vault Hunters to Jack once the pay got good enough. You kill 'em all, Vault Hunter. And you smile while you do it.

(Vault Hunter enters Smoking Guano Grotto.)

Brick: You've gotta steal some Y-94 Odomo charges if you wanna get into the Info Stockade and find the Warrior. Take the elevator to get to where they store 'em.

(Vault Hunter fights his way to the elevator only to find out it is locked.)

Mortar: Aww, look, everybody! It's a witty-bitty Slab tryin' ta use our elevator! GET 'EM!

(Mission objectives update: Kill Ambush Commanders 0/4)

(A large group of bandits shows up and attacks, Vault Hunter engages and eliminates them.)

Brick: Hrmmm -- looks like the elevator's not moving. You gotta piss Mortar off so he'll take the elevator down... The Boombringer! Mortar's prized buzzard -- go find it.

(Mission objectives update: Enter Main Street Reservoir, Find buzzard hangars)

(Vault Hunter enters the Main Street Reservoir.)

Brick: Ahhhhh, this takes me back. Last time I was here, I had Tiny Tina ridin' piggyback, right, throwin' grenades at the Sawteeth while I punched 'em into red mist. The looks on their faces -- ahahahahah! Ohh, I have killed a lot of people.

(Mission objectives update: Enter Cramfist's Foundry)

Handsome Jack: Hey, do me a favor. You think about how all of Roland's training, all his experience counted for nothing once he met me. And ask yourself, if I could kill the wise leader of the Crimson Raiders without breaking a sweat, how hard will it be to kill a psychotic bandit king and a drunken frickin' sniper?

Lilith: Unghhh... I can feel this thing around my neck sapping me dry. Promise me -- so long as there's a bullet left in your gun, promise me you'll make Jack pay!

(Vault Hunter reaches Cramfist's Foundry.)

Handsome Jack: I wanna be clear about something. This isn't about Pandora anymore. It's about you... and me. I can never replace what you took from me. But murdering your Vault Hunter pals? Destroying that flying city? Hell -- that's a start.

(Vault Hunter fights his way to the hangars ...)

(Mission objectives update: Open buzzard hangar)

Brick: There's nothin Mortar loves more than his buzzard, Boombringer. If you destroy it, he'll be so pissed he'll have to ride the elevator down to take revenge on ya.

(Vault Hunter opens up the hangar.)

Brick: Blast Boombringer to bits. Mortar won't be happy to see his buzzard go up in smoke, so he'll take the elevator down to fight ya.

(Mission objectives update: Destroy Boombringer)

Brick: Oh, and after you blast Boombringer, don't look at the explosion -- just walk away from it! You'll look like such a badass.

(Vault Hunter tosses some grenades at the Boombringer, turns his back and walks away as it explodes.)

Mortar: That Slab just blew up my buzzard without even lookin' at the explosion! But I -- I ain't scared -- I'm comin' down and YOU'RE GONNA DIE!


Mortar: Boombringer! NO! That's it, Slab -- I'm comin' down there and YOU are find out what it's like to eat your own throat!

Brick: Sounds like you can take the elevator now. Feel free to kill Mortar on your way up.

(Mission objectives update: Optional: Kill Mortar)

(Vault Hunter returns to the elevator, and finds Mortar there. Vault Hunter engages Mortar.)

Mortar: I want that Slab's head in my digestive tract!

(Vault Hunter kills Mortar.)

Brick: Ahh. You really are the best Slab ever.

(Vault Hunter takes the elevator, ascends the Inferno Tower, and reaches The Buzzards Nest.)

Brick: My boys are gonna come in and steal the explosives, but the skies gotta be clear first. Take out those buzzards.

(Mission objectives update: Destroy buzzards 0/5)

(While the Vault Hunter clears the Buzzards Nest ...)

Brick: Man, why don't these guys just give up? You already killed their boss! Idiots.

(With no opposition left on the deck ...)

Brick: Cool. Now mark those crates for pickup and my boys'll come get 'em. They'll need those charges to blast open the path to the Info Stockade.

(Mission objectives update: Steal Odomo crates 0/4)

(Vault Hunter marks the crates.)

Brick: My boys are comin' in!

Brick: My boys are goin' in!

Brick: Got some Slabs headin' in for pickup!

Brick: Watch your head! Slabs comin' in!

(All crates picked up ...)

Brick: Well done! Just jump off the east end of the tower if you wanna get back to the fast-travel station in the quickest and badassest way possible.

(Vault Hunter jumps down from top of the Buzzards Nest.)

Brick: Slab, did you -- did you just jump off The Buzzard's Nest?! God DAMN you make me proud!

(Vault Hunter re-enters Eridium Blight and as he approaches exit to Arid Nexus ...)

Brick: Keep your head down, Slab -- my boys are startin' their run!

Brick: That ought to do it -- the way to the Info Stockade is open. Get in there, and find out where Jack's got Lilith and the Warrior. While you're doin' that, I'm gonna pay a visit to a Hyperion outpost -- see if I can't steal some heavy armor for our final assault on Jack.

(Vault Hunter enters Arid Nexus Boneyard.)

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

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