Torgue Loaders are armored robots found in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They look similar to Hyperion loaders, except covered in spikes and leather, employ the same voice files as Hyperion loaders, and have similar behavior patterns. As usual, they can be crippled by shooting off their various limbs at the jointed critical zones.

The following varieties have been observed:

Normal Mode TVHM UVHM Hyperion counterpart
Torgue Gunner Torgue Heavy Gunner Torgue Bulletstormer Hyperion GUN Loader
Torgue Exploder Torgue Detonator Torgue Boomer Hyperion EXP Loader
Torgue Charger Torgue Dozer Torgue Kill dozer Hyperion BUL Loader
Torgue Burner Torgue Pyrobot Torgue Flamer Hyperion HOT Loader
Torgue Thrasher Torgue Bomber Torgue Destroyer Hyperion RPG Loader
Torgue Bolter Torgue Heavy Bolter Torgue Punisher Hyperion JET Loader

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