Torks are chitinous creatures infesting areas of Elpis and Helios's Research and Development. They are primarily scavengers, but are also predatory in nature and will attack anything that approaches their nests.

Torks have an insect-like hierarchy, with intermediate torks fighting for their queen, whom is capable of spawning lesser torks to aid her.


Smaller torks typically move very fast, but are usually relatively weak and rely on their small size and speed in combat. Their offensive abilities are typically rather limited, with their most prominent attacks being leaping from afar or running into melee range to swipe with their front legs, with occasional long-distance spit attacks. One of their only defensive tactics is the ability to leap onto walls to partially obscure themselves from attack, which is often followed by surprise leap attacks.

Larger torks are comparatively different in their tactics. They are incapable of leaping onto walls and do not move nearly as fast as the smaller torks. They also have substantially more health, and utilize a much more diverse variety of attacks.

All torks are most susceptible to incendiary, explosive and being frozen by cryo, with corrosive and shock being less effective. Small torks are able to be knocked back by slam attacks, but larger ones often cannot.

Similarly to Spiderants, torks' critical hit locations are not their heads - their critical locations are always either their abdomen/tail, or in proximity to them.

Tork Varieties

Tork Swarmling

Tork Hordling 1

Tork Swarmlings are a tiny, common variant of tork. Their attack patterns are rather limited - they exclusively utilize leap attacks or melee charges. They are extremely weak, but their small size often makes them difficult to target.

Volatile Tork Swarmling

Volatile Tork

Volatile Tork Swarmlings are a rarer variant of Tork Swarmling. They do not appear normally amongst ranks of other torks, instead being occasional spawns from Tork Pestilents or Tork Queens or dropping out of looted tork nests. They are largely identical in attack pattern to Tork Swarmlings, but with two key differences - their attacks occasionally cause corrosive damage, and they are able to charge their targets, leaping when they get close and exploding on impact.


Wiry Tork 1

Torks are a small, common variant of tork. They use the same leap/melee attacks used by Tork Swarmlings, but with more damage potential. They can also spit an arching barrage of non-elemental spines in mid-range combat.

Tork Spitter

Tork Spitter 1

Tork Spitters are a common variant of tork similar in size to Torks, distinguishable by their green, mottled abdomens. While Tork Spitters are capable of utilizing the melee and leap attacks of other torks, they prefer to keep their distance - often jumping onto walls to do so - in order to repeatedly spit corrosive spines. In closer range they can also spit the barrage of non-elemental spines utilized by other Tork varieties.

Tork Infestral

Tork Infestral 1

Tork Infestrals are a rare variant of tork that are similarly sized to Tork Spitters but with massive abdomens. Tork Infestrals are capable of, but rarely utilize the melee/leap attacks of other torks, instead burrowing their thorax into the ground and releasing multiple corrosive geysers that cause significant damage upon contact and often spawn Volatile Tork Swarmlings in their proximity. Their abdomen survives significant damage, but will always burst before the Tork Infestral dies if consistently damaged.

Tork Reaver

Tork Reaver 1

Tork Reavers are a common variant of tork that have wings rather than legs. This means that they utilize flight over walking, and they are often quite maneuverable. A Tork Reaver's primary method of attack is to hover at a distance to spit corrosive spines before retreating and repositioning themselves to attack again. However, this is not their only method of attack - they can also fly directly towards their targets, repeatedly butting with their heads when in close proximity before retreating to a distance.

Tork Dredger

Tork Devourer

Tork Dredgers are a large, slightly rare variant of tork. Tork Dredgers are faster than other large torks, but slower than their smaller cousins. They make up for this by their preferred method of attack - Tork Dredgers burrow into the ground and erupt out from beneath their target, inflicting significant damage and sending them airborne. Their melee attacks are also significantly powerful and while their leap attack is capable of high damage, Tork Dredgers cannot jump as far as smaller torks.

Tork Queen

Tork Queen

Tork Queens are a large, slightly rare variant of tork. Tork Queens do not actively hunt their attackers, instead "laying" either Tork Swarmlings or Torks to aid them in combat. They are capable of combat however, and can either spit non-elemental spines or slam their bodies into their chosen targets to damage and push them away. Tork Queens have three pulsating sacs on their underbelly, which will burst after receiving significant damage, spawning several Tork Swarmlings or Volatile Tork Swarmlings.

Tork Basilisk

Basilisk Leviathan 1

Tork Basilisks are a large, rare variant of tork. Tork Basilisks rarely utilize melee attacks and cannot perform leap attacks. However, they have a large growth on their back that acts as a sort of cannon that is capable of unleashing a massive corrosive laser beam that is swept in an arc in front of it. They also occasionally lean back, aiming their 'cannon' into the air, which is followed by lobbing multiple corrosive orbs featuring massive splash damage radius.

Tork Abysm

Tork Abysm 1

Tork Abysms are a massive, very rare variant of tork. Tork Abysms do not use melee or leap attacks, instead opting to either spit corrosive orbs that home in on their target, or creating a powerful corrosive singularity to pull in any nearby attackers and cause significant damage.

Unique Torks

Not-So-Cute Tork

Not-So-Cute Torks are uniquely named Torks that appear exclusively during the mission All the Little Creatures. They feature no behavioral differences other than their unique names.

Even-More-Disgusting Tork

The Even-More-Disgusting Tork is a uniquely named Tork Dredger that appears near the end of the mission All the Little Creatures. It features no behavioral differences other than its unique name. However, it will not burrow beneath the rubbish upon which it first appears - it must make it to the nearby ground before it will perform burrowing attacks.

Sinewy Tork

If the player chooses to repair the fast travel in Sub-Level 13, Schmidt will appear alongside a friendly sinewy tork, making it the only friendly tork in the game.


  • All torks that utilize elemental damage attacks use corrosive damage. Despite this, no variant of tork is explicitly resistant to corrosive damage.
  • As Claptrap is more susceptible to corrosive damage than the other Vault Hunters, the singularity of a Tork Abysm is especially deadly to him.
  • Tork Dredgers have an increased chance of dropping the Bonus Package grenade mod.
  • The Even-More-Disgusting Tork has an increased chance of dropping the Flakker shotgun.
    • The Even-More-Disgusting Tork initially did not respawn after completion of All the Little Creatures. The March 24th, 2015 patch changed this, so the Even-More-Disgusting Tork can respawn after the mission is completed.
  • Tork Dredgers, Tork Queens, Tork Basilisks and Tork Abysms are classified as badass enemies and may trigger character responses upon their appearance.

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