These zombies, found in the first DLC, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, spawn without legs; however these little guys can be annoying as they are ever so slightly stronger than regular zombies and they are difficult to see in the middle of a battle. They have a single target ranged attack, like the defiler's.

Because they are even slower than regular zombies, they're often the last enemies you'll face from a given mob, which makes it harder to spot them due to all the re-killed bodies lying around. Throwing an explosive contact grenade at a crowd might result in them getting killed.


  • Torsos are so short that they can be completely submerged in bodies of water. A quick solution is to equip a shotgun, throw a Transfusion grenade, follow the trails in the gunsight, and shoot the spot where they turn red and start returning, if the trails haven't already re-killed the torso.
  • They can be extremely easy to get a headshot on when they aren't in water or obstructed by cover.


  • There are a large amount of torsos at Shady Oaks in Hallow's End.
  • If regular zombies are shot in the legs, they will turn into torsos, but their name will not change. A common glitch that happens on the PS3 is the amputated zombie will be animated to be moving very fast, but will in actuality be moving slowly backwards.
  • Torsos can be surprisingly hard to hit being low to the ground.

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