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Torture Chairs is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.



"I hid my copious material after opening the Vault those five long years ago. In a fit of spastic paranoia, I did not write down the locations to the information. Find it for me and be handsomely... Oh, were you expecting me to say "handsomely rewarded?"
  • Pick up Tannis's ECHOs: 0/5


"Years ago, Handsome Jack tortured Patricia Tannis and stole the Vault Key from her. Tannis, for some reason, wants you to find her missing journals wherein she chronicles what Jack and his men did to her."

Collecting the ECHO recordings from around Sanctuary is a straight forward process of following the mission markers and selecting the mission items when they are located.


"Tannis has received the chronicles of her torture, and all is right with the world."

Turn In: Patricia Tannis



Tannis: I've been relocated to Sanctuary against everyone's better judgment - not my own, mind you. I never wanted to be here. I was perfectly content to live out my days in a non-standard living arrangement with two ceiling chairs I met at a bar fight. Oh, they're adorable - they barely speak any English - and if you have to ask what a ceiling chair is, I pity the life you've wasted.


Tannis: I should discuss the Scrollophant in the room. The reason for my relocation was an elongated and systematically unpleasant torture at the hands of Jack's cronies. Roland, and his well-defined pectoral muscles, were kind enough to entrust the Vault Key with me after the awakening of the Destroyer, not to be confused with the Warrior, seriously those sound nothing alike.


Tannis: Oh, right, torture! I asked nicely on several occasions to take proper precautions against bacteria on the instruments, but it fell upon idiotic ears. As they cut into my flesh over and over, I would fade in and out of consciousness and whisper to the ceiling chairs that it was going to be okay. Clork was afraid at first, his four legs trembled against the cold ceiling, but he knew he had to be strong for me. Then they went to work on his brother, Phillipe.


Tannis: Phillipe - I, I just - Phillipe was so brave. He was so brave for me when the rotary saws began to ply his legs from his body. Clork cried out for his brother, even when one of the torturers inadvertently sat on him and muffled his cries. The last thing Phillipe said before he passed on to the great wooden beyond was, "I love you, Patty. I love you." And then he was gone.


Tannis: It's lonely here in Sanctuary, sure Clork prattles around on the ceiling, but it's hardly the same. Jack has taken so much from me - Jack has taken the only happiness I've ever had in his asinine quest for the Warrior and more power. Revenge is as pointless as music, but on this occasion, I will allow myself the revenge. I will allow myself to aid in his downfall. Mark my words, Jack, you're going to die.


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