Trash Coast is located south-east of The Rust Commons East. It is a barren area full of trash on the coast, hence 'Trash Coast'. It is overrun by spiderants and is home to the Rakk Hive. A part of the Vault key is also acquired here.


According to Patricia Tannis, bandits control the entrance to this area. Bandits have survived here by placing a Spiderant Queen body part in their camp to ward off spiderants.

Points of Interest



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Weapon Crate Locations

Main article: Trash Coast: Weapon Crate Locations



  • Bandits near the broken Claptrap will fight Larva Crab Worms once they are both spawned. They can be left to wear each other down, then killed before they kill each other, for easy experience.
  • (Xbox 360) It is possible for loot to disappear in the lakes in the north on the way to the Rakk Hive.


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