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Treasures of ECHO Madre is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Pick up shovel
  • Find treasure map
  • Question Timber Logwood
  • Find treasure map in garbage
  • Kill thresher
  • Pick up treasure map
  • Find X
  • Find explosive charges: 0/3
  • Explode rocks
  • Open bunker
  • Enter bunker
  • Subdue Rabid Adams
  • Pick up Rabid Adam's ECHO




Turn In: Pickle

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  • Mission Items:
    • Rabid Adams' ECHO - "A record of Rabid Adams' descent into madness."
    • Shovel - "Used for digging up treasure. And less exciting things."
    • Treasure Map - ""X" marks the spot!"
  • Accepting this mission is necessary for the Cult of the Vault and No Animal Harmed challenges in Outlands Canyon.
  • Completing this mission unlocks the otherwise unrelated Rough Love and Home Delivery missions in Concordia.

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