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The Triquetra is a Unique Shotgun manufactured by Jakobs. Triquetra is obtained from the mission Clan War: End of the Rainbow.

Special Weapon Effects

Good things kill in threes. – Consumes 3 ammo per shot, increased damage and number of pellets. Pellets fire in a Triquetra shape.

Usage & Description

The Triquetra's high pellet count and fixed spread make this weapon a good choice for a player utilizing Gaige's Anarchy build.


  • Triquetra originally meant "triangle," but nowadays it is mostly used for the Celtic trefoil knot. The design of this three-pointed knot can be seen on the barrel of the shotgun (without the circle).
    • The Triquetra's bullet spread makes a trefoil knot pattern.
  • A Triquetra that spawns with the Rustler's prefix boasts the highest raw pellet count of any shotgun in the game for a ridiculous 21 pellets per shot.
  • The flavor text refers to the expression "Good things come in threes."
  • When walking, the paint on the Triquetra changes from green to red and then back again.


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