Trouble with Space Hurps is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel given by Lazlo after entering the quarantine area in Veins of Helios and completing previous missions there.



  • Follow Lazlo
  • Enter bug burrow
  • Find brain bugs
  • Shoot brain bugs: 0/4
  • Melee brain bugs: 0/4
  • Stomp brain bugs: 0/4
  • Activate ventilation?
  • Ventilate activation!
  • Return to Lazlo
  • Kill Lazlo
  • Find Lazlo's Lost ECHOs: 0/5 (optional)



"Insanity is a tragic side effect of genius. Except in this case, I think it's a purple nine moonfart patonkus. nn...Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

Turn In: Lazlo's ECHO recorder


  • Once the Vault Hunters reach the final stage of Space Hurps (during the "Melee brain bugs" objective), the Infected in the area will have different names. The names will revert back to their defaults as soon as Lazlo is killed. The new names include:
    • Better With Butter
    • Choice Cut
    • Eat at Boil's
    • Free Range, Farm Fresh
    • Marinated Morsel
    • Meat Is Murder
    • One of Us
    • Slimy Yet Satisfying
    • Vegans are Weird
    • Yummy Down On This

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