(Accept mission)

Lazlo: The madness came from the bugs. Parasites-sees! Inhabits our tissues, squirms in our heads -- you have to stop the infestation for GOOD?! Invade the burrow and pop -- POP! -- some bugs.

(Find lost ECHO recorder - optional objectives, can be discovered in any order)

  • Lazlo's ECHO: Good morning, my pretties! What shall we learn today? Jumping through flaming hoops? Tightrope Walking? Brain burrowing? Just kidding! No brain burrowing for you, sillies. You are the dawn of a new era of symbiotic companions!
  • Lazlo's ECHO: I'm... so... sorry. Zarpedon ordered it. She... said it was for the good of everyone! That only her infection could save the Vault! I'm sorry, my pretties, but I must... let you go. For all our sakes. Be free, my beautiful buglets! Prance away into the night! Don't forget me!
  • Lazlo's ECHO: So it seems -- hnggg -- my project to turn brain bugs into fun for the whole family -- HNNRRRG! -- didn't work. Released into the wild, they regained their natural instinct to burrow. And they are -- HRRRRNGGG! FLESHTATERS! -- excuse me. As they are a species of neurovorous parasite, they, um -- rapidly infested the entire section, AKA, the infection Zarpedon was talking about. She -- hnngngggg -- tricked me. I'm initiating quarantine protocols... while I still can!
  • Lazlo's ECHO: Anointed with ooze, you, proper offering of flesh. Dish best served warm -- HNNG -- youuu!
  • Lazlo's ECHO: TWIST BONES! BREAK FLESH! I'm SOOO hungry! MY PRETTIES ARE INFESTED WITH BRAINS. NOOOOOOO -- Mmm, this looks tasty!...Our thoughts are the pulse of the maggots.

(Enter bug burrow)

Lazlo: They live -- FEED! -- in the detritus. Rust is LIFE! LIFE is meat for the bugs.

(Find brain bugs)

Lazlo: I see them! BUGS! Kill the bugs! Stop the brains from bugging!

(Shoot 1 brain bug)

Lazlo: That's it! Stop the infection! Pop the pestilence!

(Shoot 4 brain bugs)

Lazlo: BULLETS TOO MUCH LIKE TICKLES! Must pop with hands. Squish.

(Melee 1 brain bug)

Lazlo: Pop, squish, hit. Feeeeel the juices. So tasty.

(Melee 4 brain bugs)

Lazlo: HNNNNNNG! Pop them! Pop them pop them pop their juices! Use your butt slam!

(Stomp 1 brain bug)

Lazlo: Hnnngggghhhhh! MORE!

(Stomp 4 brain bugs)

Lazlo: Not working. NOT WORKING! Hnnng. SEE THE BREEZE! Feel the rainbow. Never forgive her. VENTILATE THE AIR!

(Use valve)

Lazlo: SHE! It's her fault, I sweaaar! They choke, wheeze between my ears. Don't! Stop! Stop the infection from breathing!

(Use console)

Lazlo: That's enough! You've stopped the infestation or something! Come back, quickly!

(While returning)

Lazlo: You feeling alright?

  • Athena (if present): Something's... wrong.
  • Wilhelm (if present): Hrnghh... I feel weird.
  • Nisha (if present): The hell? Everything's all... weird.
  • Claptrap (if present): My CPU seems to be... infected! OWW!
  • Jack2 (if present): Hooookay, yeah, don't feel right -- urk... hng.
  • Aurelia (if present): Eughhh... I feel DECIDEDLY unladylike... urgnhh...

Lazlo: Delicious... delicious!

(Rejoining Lazlo)

Lazlo: IT WAS A RUSE ALL ALONG! I'M SUPER INTO EATING PEOPLE! It's too bad you couldn't marinate for longer -- you would have been more delicious! YAAAAAAAH! (attacks)

(During fight)

Lazlo: Yess, YESSS! Come deeper! Just try to get me, you piece of meat!

Lazlo: They will devour your brain, and then I will devour YOU! I DARE you to follow me into the den of madness!

(Kill Lazlo)

Lazlo: Noooo! My well thought-out plaaaaan!

(Turn in)

Lazlo (on ECHO): She slithers in my head, orders the flesh, but who serves who?! Hrrgh! She served me YOU!

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