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The Typhoon is a Unique Submachine Gun manufactured by Dahl.

Examples are on the talk page.

Special Weapon Effects

Phooon! – Bullets ricochet, and after a given period of time break up into 2 more bullets in an outward zig-zag pattern.

Drop Guide


  • Given no obstacles, the original bullet will maintain its straight path while the two broken off bullets will travel in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Each of the 3 segmentations of a bullet will do as much damage as a whole, unsegmented bullet. An unseparated bullet will do only 1/3 the damage it could if it had been split. This makes this SMG not as efficient in close combat as others.
  • Bullets will split after a set time, not a set distance, meaning that Lilith's High Velocity skill affects the efficacy of the splitting bullets. More High Velocity points means faster bullets means a further distance before bullet splits.
  • Bullets can only ricochet off of one surface before being absorbed into a new surface. If the original bullet ricocheted before the two bullets separated, those two bullets may independently ricochet again.
  • This along with T.K's Wave are the two Dahl weapons that are blue like a Maliwan gun. The Typhoon has a blue and purple camouflage effect colourway.
  • The Typhoon cannot be elemental.


The effect of Typhoon, while resembling the twisted effect of the barrel3_Twisted barrel, actually comes from the acc2_Typhoon accessory. Apart from the bullet effect, acc2_Typhoon is exactly the same as acc2_vector: High Fire Rate and low Recoil. Other than that, Typhoon has (almost) no restrictions on parts it can spawn with. It is made of DahlTyphoon_Material, which is the same as Material_Dahl_2. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

acc2_Typhoon acc2_vector
Fire Rate: +45%
Recoil: -200%
Reload Speed: -53%
Fire Rate: +45%
Recoil: -200%
Reload Speed: -53%


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