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Uncle Teddy
Location Arid Nexus - Badlands
Given By Fyrestone Bounty Board
Level 28
Rewards 3491 XP, $1074,
Lady Fist/Tidal Wave
True Vault Hunter Mode
Level 48
Rewards 2000XP, $10,367,
Lady Fist/Tidal Wave
Previous Data Mining
Game Borderlands 2
Mission Type Optional mission

Uncle Teddy is an optional mission given by Una Baha via the Fyrestone Bounty Board. She wants someone to find evidence that Hyperion stole weapon designs from her uncle T.K. so that she can sue them.



  • Head to Teddy's cabin
  • Open secret lab
  • Find evidence 0/6
  • Pick up TK's blueprint
  • Mail blueprints to Una
  • Mail blueprints to Hyperion


Upon reaching T.K. Baha's House, Una will make contact and say to look for a switch to get into her uncle's old lab. The chain on the ceiling fan inside the house opens a trap door leading down to the basement.

The evidence Una wants is stashed in one of the boxes. Opening all of them uncovers a series of ECHO logs chronicling T.K.'s story - how he came to Pandora, and his involvement with Hyperion. The last log is a message from Mr. Blake saying that the company stole one of T.K.'s weapon designs, and suggesting that he and his wife leave their home planet before Hyperion assassins reach them. Una will state that it's the evidence she needs and that she'll offer the first gun T.K. gave her.

Pulling the switch on the left side of the vending machine reveals the blueprints for T.K's Wave. Upon claiming them, a Hyperion representative will make contact, countering Una's offer with a Hyperion offer. Mailing the blueprints to Hyperion via the mailbox by the Boneyard connection awards the Tidal Wave for the mission, while mailing the blueprints to Una at the bounty board awards the Lady Fist.


"You uncovered the history of TK Baha - gone but not forgotten."

Turn In: Hyperion Mailbox or Una



Una Baha: Thanks fer acceptin' my job. Hyperion robbed my uncle Teddy and sent him to die on this armpit of a planet. I need ya to search his cabin in the Arid Nexus for somethin' I can use to avenge his death.

Approaching Teddy's Cabin

Una Baha: You'll need to access my uncle's secret lab. Find some evidence that Hyperion stole his weapon designs--God as my witness, the Baha clan is gettin' what's owed 'em.

Una Baha: There's a hidden lever somewhere that'll get ya into Teddy's basement.

Entering Teddy's Basement

Una Baha: Teddy - like a lot of people on Pandora, apparently - kept all his ECHO correspondence. Find somethin' that proves Hyperion stole his designs so I can sue 'em into oblivion.

Evidence #1

T.K. Baha: Welp, first day on Pandora. Wife's not too happy about the move, but I'm sure things will be alright. This here's the beginnin' of our new life!

Evidence #2

T.K. Baha: Welp, my wife's dead.

Evidence #3

T.K. Baha: Marian got ate by a big-ass skag named Scar. Once I bury her with the Ladyfinger, that cute little gun I made for her, I'll see if I can't get me some revenge. You won't have died fer nothin', Marian - I promise ya that!

Evidence #4

T.K. Baha: Scar blinded me 'n' ate my leg.

Evidence #5

T.K. Baha: I may be a blind, crippled, widower, but that don't mean all's lost. Met some folks lookin' for the Vault - I did the "see you later" joke a couple times but they just didn't get it. Oh, and I found the old message I got from Hyperion a few years back. Hid it in a corner for safe keeping - aww, rakkspit. Bandits. Well, I'm sure this'll turn out alright.

Evidence #6

Mister Blake: Mister Baha, we at Hyperion adore your wave rifle design so much, that we have decided to... appropriate it for ourselves. Our assassins are en route to your home on Isolus. Between us, Mister Baha, I would suggest leaving the solar system before they arrive.

Una Baha: Great - that was just what I was hopin' to hear! Now, if you can find the blueprints for the weapon design they ripped off, I'll give you the first gun my uncle ever gave me.

TK's Blueprint

Hyperion: Hello, mercenary. Should you return those sensitive documents to the Hyperion corporation, we can offer more than what Mister Baha's niece can pay. A fine Hyperion armament, for example.

Una Baha: Don't listen to those corporate thieves - we both know my uncle deserves justice! And I'll throw in the first gun Uncle Teddy ever made for me!

Ending: Mail blueprints to Una

Una Baha: Thank you. Hyperion's gonna have to spend billions in legal fees once this hits the courts! I'm sorry I can't offer you more.

Ending: Mail blueprints to Hyperion

Una Baha: You sellout! I won't forget this! Hyperion: Hyperion thanks you for your assistance in this matter. We're still going to kill you.


  • Mission Items:
    • ECHO Recorder - "An old ECHO recorder belonging to Una's uncle, Teddy."
    • TK's Blueprint - "A blueprint of "TK's Wave," an experimental shotgun designed by Una's uncle, Teddy."


  • During the mission, Hyperion offers a bribe of a "fine Hyperion armament". Ironically, Una will offer the Lady Fist, which is a Hyperion pistol, while Hyperion offers the Tidal Wave, which is a Jakobs weapon.

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