aka Nick

  • I live in Atlanta Ga. U.S.A.
  • I was born on August 9
  • I am male
  • 0neVaulthunTerd!


    April 16, 2012 by 0neVaulthunTerd!

    Killed Motorhead again. Still no the Choppper. I am dissatisfied...and chopperless! Nothing for me but a dumpster diving midget! Why? damn it.

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  • 0neVaulthunTerd!

    Having created about a dozen characters of each class I must have completed secret armory of Gen Koxx inside and or so I thought! Well one of my new characters was going through all the motions but felt like exploring and wasting some time b4 finishing the Armory Assault quest and having just competed "Bridging the Gap" took to roaming around the bridge control activation spot right as you turn on the bridge to get to The Roads End there in the very remote corner of that abyss in Deep Fathoms...right...and WTF! huh! Jumping on the sides of those noisy pumping cylinders as they raise up and down will land you firmly on the top of the first one facing the bridge control panel it's behind to the right and it LIFTS you up and HUH! jump as it l…

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