• 770scorpion

    coastal guns

    February 16, 2010 by 770scorpion

    anyone notice those giant castal guns protecting "restricted areas". If you dont know what im talking about: its those big towers with a single turret mounted on them. They can be found in places on the edge of the map. youve probably ran or drove right past them without noticing. That is because they only activate when you appear in front of them. i first noticed one right next to T.K. bahas house. i wanted to see if there was a chest or something behind his house but i slid down and landed on a rock below. i was relieved that i didnt fall off the map (i dont know what would happen if you do) but i saw a red beam (like the ones turrets use) pointing at my character. I was then greeted by the "gentle womans" voice that warned me of the "r…

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