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Freelance mercenary/ SitRep update No2

Jesus christ what a busy day it has been. It all started with a casual drive down to the world's largest bullet. I had been hunting guerrilla squads of bandits all day and I was eager to continue my rampage. I was on the freeway observing drifters when I heard the distinctive thud of an explosion in the direction of TWLB. I pulled out my Cyclops and could make out a single individual fighting a large group of bandits. By the time I reached the area (damn scooter, I told him he should have got the x-137 turbo boosters) the individual had fled, and the bandits were dead. The curious thing was, no vehciles had left the premises. Who was this mysterious individual? A Lonely Nomad 14:34, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

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