Just arrived at T-bone junction today at roughly 40 past 36. The day was coming to an end, and I was eager to investigate this area and make sure I would not be ambushed while I rested. While traversing, I was ambushed by a clan of Omega assasins, presumably sent under the order of General Knoxx. However, I had visisted marcus' house just a few days ago and he had upgraded my Tech-5000 v2 Scorpio turret. 100 rounds a minute, medical and ammo facilities, re-inforced pangolin Dbbrc.50 plasma shields. Needless to say, the lance assasins are no more. However, Athena's warning of 4 more attacks is forbidding. Maybe I should stop over at scooters' General Motors and personel carriers shop tomorrow. I have seen the Lance's new titanium re-inforced tanks, upfitted with plundred eridian equipment from Prometheus. They are force to be reckoned with. A Lonely Nomad 19:53, April 27, 2010 (UTC)

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