• Aegisq3dm9

    Rakk Riders are the airborne counterpart to Skag Riders.

    Rider + Vindictive Rakk = Rakk Zero
    Zero Midgets throw buzz-axes, incessantly.

    Ravager + Kamikaze Rakk = Rakk Invader
    Occasionally, Rakk Invaders will dive bomb players.

    Rapparee + Tumescent Rakk = Rakk Marauder
    The Midgets are - Usually - a Rider wielding a buzz-axe, a Ravager, and a Badass_Midget wielding a Machine Gun. Occasionally, it will be three Ravagers; or, one Rider with two Badass Midgets.

    • The Midgets use saddles and bridles (like they used with skags).
    • If the Midget or the Rakk mount dies, the other will continue fighting.
    • Even if wounded, the Midget on its back will regain most, if not all, of their health after the Rakk is killed.
    • Unlike the buzz-axes employed by Psycho and their…

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  • Aegisq3dm9

    Life has gotten dangerous for the good folks of The Flat Valley after Purple Juice! was done.

    Bounty Board: “The Flat Valley Garden Society has asked for someone who can restore morals and decency to upstanding people in the valley.”

    New Administrator met: 0/1

    Go to the location. Meet the new administrator. It is a holographic AI representation of Helena Pierce.

    Helena Price: “I should have known you were involved with this.”

    Turn In: Helena Pierce

    Helena Pierce: “You really should learn to think about the greater good. Since you did that work for that Thirsty Psycho, they’ve opened a laboratory in an abandoned Atlas factory above a canyon in The Wasteland. Now, all of those villainous brigands are pillaging townships in the valley. I said it be…

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  • Aegisq3dm9

    Mrs. Thirsty is a boss. She is married to Thirsty the Midget. Jaynis and Taylor Kobb are her sons from her first marriage. She is a tallish middle age woman who is pretty despite premature ageing from life on Pandora.

    Bounty Board: “Thirsty has spoken highly about your kind work you did for him. Regular Good Samaritan stuff. I remember him and me sitting and fishing for hours talking about all sorts of things. He makes me laugh. Anyway. I can’t get my boys’ ECHOs. Would you do me a Good Samaritan thing and remove the vespas by the post box on the highway. They’re always in the way. ”

    Vespas: 0/20

    Go to the post box. Kill the vespas that are next to the post box. [Vespas (or, Vespidae) is a family of wasps. However, these wasps are like tarant…

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