Mrs. Thirsty


Mrs. Thirsty is a boss. She is married to Thirsty the Midget. Jaynis and Taylor Kobb are her sons from her first marriage. She is a tallish middle age woman who is pretty despite premature ageing from life on Pandora.


Family Values: Mind the Vespas

Bounty Board: “Thirsty has spoken highly about your kind work you did for him. Regular Good Samaritan stuff. I remember him and me sitting and fishing for hours talking about all sorts of things. He makes me laugh. Anyway. I can’t get my boys’ ECHOs. Would you do me a Good Samaritan thing and remove the vespas by the post box on the highway. They’re always in the way. ”

Vespas: 0/20

Go to the post box. Kill the vespas that are next to the post box. [Vespas (or, Vespidae) is a family of wasps. However, these wasps are like tarantula wasps in that they burrow underground.]

Turn In: Bounty Board

Family Values: One Big Happy

Bounty Board: “Thirsty and my boys are suppose to be here for supper. If you could get me some rakks I would have dinner done. Get the ones that explode when they hit you ‘cuz then they’re already roasted. 10 will do. They like Crystal Lake. You can leave them at the gate.”

Roasts: 0/10

A large Flock of Kamikaze rakks are at Crystal Lake as well as a few Psycho Midgets and numerous Badass Psychos. Collect ten roasts.

Turn In: Pleasantville Front Gate [Pleasantville is a trailer park surround by fences.]

Family Values: Last Trailer on the Left

Bounty Board: “Hi Honey. Oh, Sorry. I call everyone Honey. Thirsty and me had a lovely dinner. Did I tell you that him and me are married. The boys couldn’t make it. He told me some disturbing news and I was hoping you could come and see me. He said that you could explain things.”

Mrs. Thirsty met: 0/1

Go to the trailer park. Find Mrs. Thirsty’s trailer. Open front door; it closes after entering. Meet Mrs. Thirsty. The only distinguishable items in the one-room trailer are two framed pictures of Jaynis and Taylor Kobb.

“I use to be Mrs. Kobb.”

Mrs. Thirsty killed: 0/1

Fight Mrs. Thirsty. See uses a machine gun or a rocket launcher. [She taught her boys.] A player can open the front door but must wait for it to – Slowly - open. [It’s like the sword fight between Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver in Budd’s trailer.] She will drop “The Meat Grinder” or “The Roaster”.

Turn In: Exit trailer.

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