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New Enemy Idea – Rakk-Riders

Rakk Riders are the airborne counterpart to Skag Riders.

Rider + Vindictive Rakk = Rakk Zero
Zero Midgets throw buzz-axes, incessantly.

Ravager + Kamikaze Rakk = Rakk Invader
Occasionally, Rakk Invaders will dive bomb players.

Rapparee + Tumescent Rakk = Rakk Marauder
The Midgets are - Usually - a Rider wielding a buzz-axe, a Ravager, and a Badass_Midget wielding a Machine Gun. Occasionally, it will be three Ravagers; or, one Rider with two Badass Midgets.


  • The Midgets use saddles and bridles (like they used with skags).
  • If the Midget or the Rakk mount dies, the other will continue fighting.
  • Even if wounded, the Midget on its back will regain most, if not all, of their health after the Rakk is killed.
  • Unlike the buzz-axes employed by Psycho and their Midget counterparts in the main game, the buzz-axes thrown by the Midget Invaders are swift and deadly, thrown in a much flatter arc.
  • If the Zeke Midget or Marauder Midgets are killed, the Rakk may begin bombardment – like Badass Elemental Rakk - with an elemental projectile instead of using the normal dive and slash attack pattern. If the Invader Midget is killed, the Kamikaze will always dive bomb the player.
  • If a Rakk is killed mid-air, the Midget(s) will free-fall plummet to the ground. They will be dazed but otherwise unharmed; they will attack like normal.


Zero, Invader and Marauder were names of WWII aircraft. Zero was a fighter; Invader was a light bomber; and, Marauder was a heavy bomber.

Aegisq3dm9 20:34, July 4, 2010 (UTC)

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