• Airos

    Bacon Wiki

    How do I put this...


    Back in my day we needed to watch obscure sketch comedy on MTV to satisfy our bacon fetishes. You kids these days can just google up some wiki and BAM! Bacon.

    I mean, yeah, even as a vegetarian I still love me some bacon, but...

    There's a Bacon Wiki!

    I need a little help here folks. Is this awesome? I'm just confused at this point.

    "It's the Bacon that anyone can edit"

    "Bacon for everyone, by everyone"

    "Bacon[Citation Needed]"

    And now I'm hungry.

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  • Airos

    So E3 is in the news right now on all the major gaming sites. This is the time==

    Developers now get a free pass when it comes to broken games. Too many games today are "Retail Betas". By that I mean in lieu of proper beta testing prior to launch, developers will push a game out the door, wait until all the people who bought it complain about a bug, glitch or broken function and then patch it.


    This really should be an unacceptable practice among any consumer. "Oh, my phone doesn't accept incoming calls, guess I'll wait for the patch", "Oh, the brakes on my car don't work in the rain, I guess I'll wait for the patch". No. Things are supposed to work before you sell them, not after.

    Now, I know what some of you are thinking, "you can't catch e…

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  • Airos

    I am returned!

    May 4, 2011 by Airos

    So, I finally got some cash and picked up a shiny new Sony Vaio laptop today. Still trying to get used to the keyboard, and desperately attempting to recover as much as I can from my previous hard drive.

    In other words, I should be back to work around the wiki by the weekend. I see I've been drafted by Dr. F, so that's encouraging.

    I suppose this means I should wrap up playing Oblivion and get back into Borderlands, huh?

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  • Airos

    Computer bit the dust.

    April 17, 2011 by Airos

    So my computer is shot. I'm managing to at least get this much done via my phone, but any actual editing is off my agenda for a couple of weeks until I can save enough cash for a cheap laptop/netbook.

    (Do I need to sign these things?) -- 13:29, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

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