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September 24, 2012
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    While the ink was not even dry on the PC Guru's next test of the number of Borderlands 2, Gearbox is already the third part of the plan, which left out a bunch of ideas arrive at some point in the future. The Borderlands 2 still warm, but Gearbox does not rest, and I'm thinking now in the company, with what could be made ​​more complete by 3 in the Borderlands. In an interview with the game story Revision3 responsible for Burchcsel Anthony, who claims that many idea preheated place in the third act.

    "We have some, as yet unformed idea for Borderlands 3 from which, we hope, once you also know they could., The thing that the game is making in the world every fluid, things are constantly changing. So the thing is, willingly or be too specific…

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  • Altair Ferenc


    September 27, 2012 by Altair Ferenc

    If anyone still playing Borderlands 1 to be included in the Saturday and Sunday 8 am (approximately) 10 11 hours.

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  • Altair Ferenc

    The Borderlands 2 is a complete Badass kipucolhatja bug us, making it virtually void of our efforts so far. The Gearbox knows about the problem and promised that it would soon arrives to address the spill. The players have found a serious bug in the Borderlands 2, which is unfortunately the kipucolja Badass Rankünket, practically reset your character's rank online. And in case you would want to go back to re-do the previous challenges, they are not available anymore. The bugról a video can be seen below, and, unfortunately, the problem is affecting all versions. The Gearbox sent word that the defect and can promise that it will soon be resolved. However, note that very few players ran into this, so the law of large numbers of small chanc…

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  • Altair Ferenc

    Borderlands 2 The appearance of the first week of the British sales charts jumped to four times the number of units sold, than its predecessor. The Chart Track data show that the workshop completed Gearbox Borderlands 2 is the best so far this year, start playing. The program marked the first week of Sleeping Dogs knocked the edge of the British sales charts, in addition to the time 7 star funds in the first Borderlands of sales exceeded a 4:1 ratio. Most people, 71 percent of the buyers of the Xbox 360 version took what the PlayStation 3 has 22 percent of its own, and at the end of the line of personal computers lag 7 percent. The British market is the 38th game the first week of ten members: Borderlands 2 F1 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2…

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