While the ink was not even dry on the PC Guru's next test of the number of Borderlands 2, Gearbox is already the third part of the plan, which left out a bunch of ideas arrive at some point in the future. The Borderlands 2 still warm, but Gearbox does not rest, and I'm thinking now in the company, with what could be made ​​more complete by 3 in the Borderlands. In an interview with the game story Revision3 responsible for Burchcsel Anthony, who claims that many idea preheated place in the third act.


"We have some, as yet unformed idea for Borderlands 3 from which, we hope, once you also know they could., The thing that the game is making in the world every fluid, things are constantly changing. So the thing is, willingly or be too specific , may enter believes that "Wow shit, I have to write this quickly from the stack, which I thought two years ago that idea is cool!". Normally I would go back in time to some stupid idea because felpofozzam myself. "- Burch said. The Borderlands was a great success at the time, the second part is expected to repeat its predecessor selling feat bolts. For this reason, I have to be financed by 2K's the third part, which is probably in 2014 or 2015 to get our hands.

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