Borderlands Gamescom screenshot 1
Ever since Borderlands 2 was announced two weeks ago, there's been a steady stream] of information on Gearbox Software's upcoming sequel that has been keeping us up at night with dreams of another Borderlands game being released next year. Today, a teaser trailer has been released that gives us exactly what we want: guns, explosions, and a kick-ass main character known as Salvador.

As is customary of the majority of teaser trailers for any game that has ever been released, don't expect any actual gameplay to pop up. Seeing as how the trailers graphics look similar to that of Borderlands, you could assume what we're seeing are actual in-game graphics of Borderlands 2. The trailer also gives us a taste of Salvador's special ability which is to be able to dual-wield any two weapons for a short period of time.


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