Hey guys, It's  B(A)rderlands and here's a character  I came up with, in honor of the 50th Doctor-versary! If you have any ideas for the character, please leave a comment and constructive criticizm only please! Thanks for reading! B(A)rderlandsClaptr10Home Vault logo metal Chat  WikiaLogo  Fan Wiki


The Doctor is a character idea created by yours truly. He was born on Gallefriey and got to Pandora because the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) sensed that the vault hunters needed help so the TARDIS traveled to Pandora. The vault hunters told him why they traveled to Pandora and about the vault.

Skill Tree

Sadly, the TARDIS crashed so the Doctor can only use it once every 45 seconds and then it goes away after use. 

Action Skill: Time Travel 

The way Time Travel works is every 45 seconds you can use the abiltiy and it automatically activates. the TARDIS will appear infront of you then you walk in and it teleports you back in time and when you exit everything is slow. Example: there is a group of 3 bandits, you use Time Travel and walk into the TARDIS, press the red button, and leave. then everything is slow and you can kill the bandits before they even shoot you.

Skill Tree 1: Timey-Wimey

Helper - Gives shield boost for 10 secs. after exiting TARDIS. Speediest - Makes bullets faster but damage weaker. Download - Gives you enemy info about what weapon to use after exiting TARDIS. Charging - Increases the Damage for caustic over time effect. Regeneration - Gives you a huge health boost after exiting TARDIS.

Skill Tree 2: Sonic Power

Pulse - Gives a 1/10 chance for caustic gun to fire a projectile that causes more damage. Charged - If you empy a full clip with one trigger hold the next 10 bullets will do bonus damage. Overheat - If you reload a clip with the reload button the first 10 bullets do less damage. Zapper - All bullets have a 1/15 chance to do bonus shock damage.

Skill Tree 3: Planetary

Will add more to tree later!





The Fez and the Bowtie

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