Last week I got this ridiculously good modded aliengun. I used it just to get my alien profiency to 50. Normally I would do it with a non modded weapon, but I've done that with all my weapon profiencys so i wanted to do it the easy way. But with my "good" luck I fucking lost it. This douchebag wanted to see the weapons stats and begged me to drop it and show it to him and so I did it. Well after a while he asked me where I got it. I told him that it was a mod and you can only get it from a modder or make it yourself with a certain modding blablabla. Then he asked me that is it hard.Then I told him that its rare to play with someone who drops modded weapons and lets you keep 'em. At this point I totally forgot that my alienweapon was still on the ground. So guess what this fuckface did? He took the gun and sent me this. "It wasnt that hard afterall ;)" (RAGE). I dont blame him for everything 'cause I dropped it on the ground at the starting point and forgot it there. But still...

So here comes the guestion. Can someone mod me a ridiculously good modded aliengun and add me on ps3? If its possible I'll glad as hell!

Oh and if youre using this website (fuckface aka. the guy who stole my gun) I hope youre reading this and wasting youre life with that gun...
wuth love: BBuulu-- 17:39, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

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