• BMetcalf82

    Hello everyone,

    I have taken on a task in which I seek a little assistance. Hopefully some of you will humor me on this. You see, I have two level 69 boosted characters that I keep solely for the purpose of additional storage, they have 12 base backpack slots and the 42 upgraded bank slots. I plan on storing the Eridian artifacts, of every level, class type, and elemental effect, on each of these characters. With the space available, I can keep complete sets of 3 different levels of artifacts on each character, ultimately ending this task with a complete set of artifacts. These artifacts would be available for duplication online for those that request them.

    What I have so far are 15/16 of the level 44 (elemental modifier of 6), only lac…

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  • BMetcalf82

    "We are but poor, lost circus performers. Is there as village nearby?"

    OK. So I'm playing through Zombie Island dlc with my Siren. I collect the mission "Here We Go Again," which is completed in the Lumber Yard area. I head North along the road to the Lumber Yard and reach the transition point however, the transition point is not active, even though my quest marker is pointing me there. The door is red, like a bounty board with no missions left.

    Is there something else I must do before the game allows me to pass into the Lumber Yard? I read on thhis site that I must first complete the "A Bridge Too Ned" mission before I can access this, but I am wondering, is this a glitch?

    Come to think of it, the same thing happened with my Soldier. …

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  • BMetcalf82

    Hello Everyone,

    I am fairly new to this site as I just signed up the other day. I apologize if posting this blog clogs up the boards, but I could not find an answer on the wiki. I am looking for others to add to my XBox live friends' list so that I may have a little backup while I go at the game solo. I'm not bad at the game, just new. I can carry my own weight easily, but I am looking for others to engage with on here who would be courteous enough to add me to their list so that we can find some nice guns/The Vault.

    Is there anywhere on this wiki that I can use to seek out other xbox live users? Like I said, I am fairly new and I'm not sure of where to look. Please drop me a link to the article if I have missed it, or you can add me t…

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