"We are but poor, lost circus performers. Is there as village nearby?"

OK. So I'm playing through Zombie Island dlc with my Siren. I collect the mission "Here We Go Again," which is completed in the Lumber Yard area. I head North along the road to the Lumber Yard and reach the transition point however, the transition point is not active, even though my quest marker is pointing me there. The door is red, like a bounty board with no missions left.

Is there something else I must do before the game allows me to pass into the Lumber Yard? I read on thhis site that I must first complete the "A Bridge Too Ned" mission before I can access this, but I am wondering, is this a glitch?

Come to think of it, the same thing happened with my Soldier. I'll try it out again later, but don't think it will let me pass. I will open up as many other Jakobs' Cove misssions as I can to see if I can gain passage. I'll post whether I can or not on here soon.

Any helpful thoughts? They would be appreciated. BMetcalf82 18:30, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

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