Hello everyone,

I have taken on a task in which I seek a little assistance. Hopefully some of you will humor me on this. You see, I have two level 69 boosted characters that I keep solely for the purpose of additional storage, they have 12 base backpack slots and the 42 upgraded bank slots. I plan on storing the Eridian artifacts, of every level, class type, and elemental effect, on each of these characters. With the space available, I can keep complete sets of 3 different levels of artifacts on each character, ultimately ending this task with a complete set of artifacts. These artifacts would be available for duplication online for those that request them.

What I have so far are 15/16 of the level 44 (elemental modifier of 6), only lacking the level 44 Shock for the Berserker.

What I ask is if anyone has any available artifacts on their characters, or in the bank, that you send me a message on xbox live (GT = BMetcalf82) so that I may invite you into my game for duplication of those artifacts. If you need any of the artifacts that I have, they will be duplicated upon request. I hope to get this wrapped up sooner than later and any help is appreciated, as always. Will be online in one hour. Thanks again. BMetcalf82 17:26, January 25, 2011 (UTC)

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