• Beagle.Pup

    Hey troops

    August 26, 2010 by Beagle.Pup

    Ok guys I havent been on in awhile BUT
    this revolution thing? i love the ikdea, i say we start our own revolution
    Nah but really this dlc seems aweosme

    I liek the level cap but do you honestly think we need a new borderlands 2?

    i mean they can introduce new chars

    new enviroments

    everything else... dlc's make buying sequals obsolete

    anyone agree?

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  • Beagle.Pup

    Hey guys
    I am in need of a vladov STalker, prefeably a great damage and shit
    I can trade a tsunami for it or dupe it

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  • Beagle.Pup

    We have all used mods before, and if you haven't than good job.
    I use mods to kill craw, and to reap the rewards he has and I use them for ammo and everything else,
    But whats the big deal?
    It would appear, that Borderlands, a game that promises a billion guns or more
    would just make them even more so rare, and created by a different person.
    Does that make them that wrong? We use them to farm, for fun, to launch our friends high in the sky and everything else
    with that said I wouldn't mind someone proving me otherwise about this
    Somthing with uber amounts of damage is just rare in my mind
    Anyone say differently?

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  • Beagle.Pup


    August 5, 2010 by Beagle.Pup

    Ok this may sound weird but, Brick can use his fists
    I want a fucking charcter that blasts people with straight up kicks,
    using shotty's and pistols and his FUCKING LEGS OF STEEL!

    Seriously make him like Bruce lee
    Steel toe boots, just metal out the ass

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  • Beagle.Pup

    Atlas Hydra

    August 3, 2010 by Beagle.Pup

    Who else thinks that this is one of the worst shotguns in the game? You have to be so Close just to have all 5 shots hit
    Its just a terrible gun 19:44, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

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