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    October 10, 2014 by Beast of burden

    hay everyone I have been looking into the videos and gameplays of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! after alot of searching and reading I have found a number of enemies native to Elpis. The list of enemies are listed in cataories so that you know who is most likely in the same team/group of enemy type. this is a work in progress and it WILL change whenever I learn more about the game.

    • Scav
    • Lunatic
    • Lil' Scav
    • OutLaw
    • Stolen DAHL Jet Fighter
    • Raider
    • Beast Rider (-Scavenger Beast-)
    • "Borrowed" Laser Turret
    • Darksider
    • Laser Moon Buggie
    • Suicide Lunatic
    • lil' Outlaw

    • Kraggon Pebbele
    • Kraggon Fuse
    • Kraggon Snowball
    • Kraggon
    • Kraggon Boulder
    • Kraggon Immolater
    • Kraggon Erupter
    • Kraggon Hailstone
    • Kraggon Avalanch
    • Badass Kraggon

    • Shugurath
    • Shugurath of Ice
    • Energized Shugurath
    • Badass Shugurath

    • Ra…

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  • Beast of burden

    Hay every one I beleive that the new enemy Manufacturer is DAHL I dont have a lot to go on just thing on the internet here and there that I found. But this is just a hunch I have especialy the images of the military faction on Elpis that I've seen.

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  • Beast of burden

    Hay everyone with BL: TPS comeing out I would like to ask YOU all who do you think would be a good Manufactureing Corp to play the role of main villain faction in FUTURE Boderlands games?

    You can choose from all the manufacturers apart from ATLAS (Crimson Lance), HYPERION & BANDIT the reason for this is that they have already been faced (Bandits on a regular basis, Atlas through the Crimson Lance & Hyperion were the minions of Handsom Jack).

    If you do not remeber all the Manufacturers heres a list to choose from (also if u choose a manufacturer as an enemy explain why they would work as villains and what there 'theme' would be, maby even list a cope of enemy uits and what they do?)

    1. VLADOF
    2. TORGUE
    3. JAKOBS
    4. TEDIOR
    5. DAHL
    6. MALIWAN
    8. ERIDIAN
    9. ANSHIN …
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  • Beast of burden

    Hay Wiki folk it has been confirmed in an IGN intervew that there will NOT be Slag in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! this is for continuity reasons as Handsom Jack has yet to create Slag through Eridium refinary.

    Now Pandora's Moon, Elpis, introduces the new element Cryo in its place (apparently there is a large amount of liquad mifane produced by the moon) and from what i have seen it makes the low gravity combat that much cooler, I watched a Scavenger (Moon Bandit) get frozen solid then smashed into peices all before said pieces drifted off.

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  • Beast of burden

    Head Hunter Packs???

    November 23, 2013 by Beast of burden

    Hay folks just wanted to ask what sort of theme u would like for possible future Head Hunter packs?

    the rules of this Blog are

    1) pick a holiday that can be incorperated into a level (write the idea and a routh layout of the level)

    2) An appropriate Boss for the level

    3)what enemies would be in the DLC

    4) some holiday theimed weapons and sheilds (if ya want)

    5)what is the head that you win at the end??

    my idea is a St.Patrick's Day one called LUCKY'S DRUNKEN 4 LEAFE CLOVER MEMORIAL and it involves sorting out a feud between the Zaford clan and Leprachauns. yes LEPRACHAUNS! i want to fight a BadAss Leprachaun.

    the idea would be that the Zafords are haveing a large, drunken memorial in the name of Lucky but a small bunch steel the leprechaun's Pot o…

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